Vero Amareno

Vero Amareno

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Vero Appartamenti Collection

  • This model from the vero Amareno collection is a functional corner sofa that allows you to enjoy every moment. It is not easy to be a hero of everyday life, but when there is a multi-functional corner sofa in the living room, success in this regard is only a matter of time. A family visit, tiredness after work, or the simple desire to change where you sleep are the reasons to have a corner sofa with a sleeping function in the living room (using the "Italian” frame unfolding method). A comfortable corner sofa can be an ideal replacement for a classic bed in both emergency situations and everyday life.
  • The seats are based on polyurethane HR (High Resilience) foam, which gives the sofa a feeling of perfect softness and elasticity, at the same time extending their life (resilience).
  • The designers and manufacturers have focused on precision, which has contributed to creating the perfect furniture. The grain leather covering makes the vero Amareno corner sofa look great on every side and on each of its parts. The grain leather covering is gentle and pleasant to the touch, and is also much more durable and resistant to scratches and abrasion.
  • Vero Amareno features chrome legs – these shiny elements also provide decorative qualities.
  • The comfortable vero Amareno sofa also includes an adjustable headrest, a solution that makes the piece of furniture suitable for everyone.

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