Ortensia XL (daytona 76)
Ortensia XL (daytona 76)
Ortensia XL (daytona 76)
Ortensia XL (daytona 76)

Ortensia XL (daytona 76)

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Technical details:

  • module with extended seat (chaise longue) allowing for comfortable stretching of legs,
  • backrest filling: upholstery belts and VP foam,
  • seat filling: corrugated springs and high resilient VP foam,
  • improved sleeping function (dolphin type),
  • headrests with gradual angle adjustment (manual),
  • angle adjustment of armrests,
  • relax function (electrically controlled seat and backrest extension mechanism),
  • bin/storage compartment,
  • finishings: Aquaclean fabric upholstery (stain removal with water alone),
  • five lumbar cushions included for improved seating comfort.
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