Vero Dianthus

Vero Dianthus

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Vero Appartamenti Collection

  • A stylish corner sofa that captivates with its comfort and beautiful design. A sleeping function with a hidden bedding container guarantees high functionality. vero Dianthus is designed for long-term use, which is why it is made of the highest-quality materials. You have the option to use upholstery fabric produced using Cleanaboo technology, which reduces the absorption of water – spilled liquid (water, coffee, wine) forms into drops and does not penetrate inside the fabric. The metal feet underline the unique look of vero Dianthus, giving it a distinctive look.
  • Vero Dianthus is equipped with a chaise longue that can be easily changed into a backrest. This unique functionality allows you to significantly increase the backrest surface exactly when you need it.
  • The sofa features precise stitching with a contrasting thread, which emphasises the original design.

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  • IDEA Furniture delivers their customers furniture that is highly ranked for both-design and quality craftsmanship. Use newest technologies are used in agreement with ecology and the highest quality of material -solid wood and natural finish-guarantee high rank product that our company offered since its beginning.
  • The big variety of products that IDEA offers allow our clientele to furnish dining rooms, bedrooms, kids and youth bedrooms, offices, hallways. We have also "ideas" for furnishing beauty salons, lawyer offices, restaurants waiting rooms.
  • We want to make sure that our clientele will be fully satisfied when buying our furniture. Due to direct cooperation with factories, we are able to adjust our offer to customers' demand and keep our prices still attractively low. Additionally we have special order offers where customers can pick colors and sizes. We also offer 0% financing, gift certificates and we provide our clients with a complete line of warranty services after purchase.
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