180 Ceres Fresh+ European King Mattress

180 Ceres Fresh+ European King Mattress

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Length:71 in

Width: 79 in

Height: 8 in

Special features of the furniture:

- Pocket springs - the location of the springs in separate pockets provides high point flexibility of the mattress and guarantees proper body support

- 7 comfort zones - guarantees an argonomic fit of the mattress to the shape of the body 

- Double-sided mattress - offers the posibility of inverting and rotating to avoid deformation. It is recomended to rotate doble-sided mattresses every 6 months to extend service life and improve sleep hygine

- FRESH+ cover - knitted fabric, quilted with fluffy anti-allergic non-woven fabric

- Removable cover - the cover equipped with a zipper on 4 sides of the mattress which allows for easy removal and machine washing at 60°C

-Coconut layer - naturaly enhances the hardness of the mattress



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