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Width: 75.59"

Height: 34.64"

Depth: 35.03"

Special features of the furniture:

  • Efficient and easy-to-operate automatic unfolding system - comfortable unfolding - everyday unfolding will be a pleasure
  • Bonnell springs in the seat and mattress - homogeneous sleeping surface - comfort and convenience of sleep thanks to the springs used in the entire sleeping surface

  • Small dimensions - increased possibility of arranging small spaces - functionality at its best, which is perfect even in a small space

  • Bedding container - increased storage capacity - extra space not only for bedding, but also towels or clothes that you are not currently wearing

  • Decorative pulls on the backrest cushions provide durability and aesthetic appearance - they give a unique character while emphasizing the modern form of the furniture

  • The set includes 2 decorative pillows

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