Geta Es

Geta Es

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Width: 27.55 in

Depth: 32.67 in

Height: 43.70 in


Special features of the furniture:

  • High backrest – stable support for the back
  • Wave springs in the seat - comfort of use
  • Upholstery straps and foam in the backrest – better fit to the figure
  • A layer of highly elastic HR foam in the seat - increased softness
  • Inclined backrest and seat - optimal sitting position and comfort of use
  • Contoured armrests – ergonomic support
  • Decorative pulls on the backrest – aesthetic appearance
  • Raised feet - easier access to the floor during cleaning
  • Decorative feet made of hardwood - durability and aesthetic appearance
  • The entire piece of furniture is made of furniture fabric - increased interior design possibilities


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