ROYAL IV MEGA LX 3DL (+ free storage ottoman)

ROYAL IV MEGA LX 3DL (+ free storage ottoman)

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Width: 97.25 in

Depth: 45.50 in

Height: 38.00 in


 Special features of the furniture:
- A sofa with a sleeping function and a container for bedding.
- Efficient and lightly operating automatic booster - easy to unfold.
- The filling of the seat is a wave springs, bonell and foam.
- The mattress is filled with bonell and foam.
- The backrest (cushions) are filled with cut foam and silicone.
- Bonell springs in the seat and backrest, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and homogeneous sleeping.
- Large sleeping area - functionality and comfort.
- Even sleeping surface.
- Large bedding container.
- Armrests mounted on metal slides - easy and quick assembly.
- System of pockets filling the backrest cushions.
- Quilted seat and back cushions - aesthetics of appearance.
- Plastic feet.

Self Assembly Required

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