Garcia LUX 3DL
Garcia LUX 3DL
Garcia LUX 3DL

Garcia LUX 3DL

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If you like simple, timeless forms that will always be fashionable, you will certainly be enchanted by the Garcia sofa. This is a piece of furniture that will work perfectly in both a spacious, modern living room and a small room.

The Garcia sofa is filled with foam and wave springs in both the seat and the mattress. Thanks to this, when unfolded, you get a uniform and comfortable sleeping surface with dimensions of up to 150 x 195 cm.

An efficient and easy-to-use automatic unfolding mechanism is an advantage, especially when the sofa is used by a child or an elderly person. Convenience of unfolding is very important to fully enjoy the functionality of the furniture.

The Garcia sofa is equipped with a container that you can use in any way. It is suitable not only for storing bedding or blankets, but also seasonal clothes and towels.

The deepened seat of the sofa provides even greater comfort of use. Each household member or invited guest can sit comfortably on it. And the even surface of the armrests will allow you to find the optimal position to watch your favorite movie or program.

Special features of the furniture:

• Sofa dimensions: 233 x 92 x 108 cm

• Sleeping function with dimensions: 150 x 195 cm

• Efficient and easy-to-operate unfolding mechanism

• Wave springs in the seat and mattress, i.e. the entire sleeping surface

• Large container for bedding

• Timeless form

• Simple armrests

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