Jafra Solaris
Jafra Solaris
Jafra Solaris
Jafra Solaris
Jafra Solaris

Jafra Solaris

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Length: 62.99 inch

Width: 37.4 inch

Height: 30.7 inch 

Jafra Solaris is available in many sizes, making it suitable for both the living room or office , as well as the kitchen or dining room. Its advantage is also its universality - it looks great in a rustic, classic, industrial or loft space. The rectangular tabletop is made of natural brown oak wood (earth oak) . Uneven edges, clearly visible grain, cracks and knots highlighted with black putty guarantee uniqueness and a natural, raw appearance. To increase durability, the surface was covered with oil-wax .

The Jafra Solaris table top is supported on metal legs in the form of two thick trapezoidal runners. Their color - uniform, matte black - is another nod to the classics, and at the same time a reference to modern design. You can choose a version of the furniture with additional wooden runners at the bottom, in color consistent with the top, and one or two inserts to extend the usable surface.

On individual request, it is possible to change the color of the countertop and the finish (oil-wax or matte varnish, depending on the selected color option). Contact your KLER advisor for details .

Special features:

  • a project created by a Polish company with over seventy years of tradition;
  • durable materials: solid wood and metal;
  • style: rustic, loft;
  • table available in many sizes;
  • rectangular tabletop made of oak wood in a natural shade of brown;
  • clearly visible grain - knots and cracks highlighted with black putty;
  • a natural slope emphasizing the rustic character of the furniture;
  • trapezoidal-shaped metal legs dyed black;
  • countertop surface covered with oil-wax;
  • On request, it is possible to change the color of the countertop and its finish (oil-wax or matte varnish depending on the selected color).
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